B Athleisure (Retail)

Title: Head of Creative Sales & Marketing
Timeline: October 2020 – Present
Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, PremierePro
Website Platform: Shopify (

Mono B Logo White

We launched the retail website on December 12, 2020. It was the year of the Covid-19 pandemic and athleisure and loungewear — two types of apparel Mono B specializes in — were selling at an all-time high. The new owners of Mono B decided to capitalize on this.

The retail site was also made to strengthen and broaden the Mono B brand awareness, something that the company believes will ultimately help our wholesale customers who are spread throughout America, Europe, and Australia.

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We were given one month (no kidding) to build the Shopify site. I created the layout and wrote the copy for the product page as well as the auxiliary pages.

We use a Shopify theme for the landing page and product category pages in order to meet the deadline. I only wrote the copy and supplied the images.

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Packaging & Merch

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I developed these icons as a succinct and eye-catching way to display each item’s features. I came up with the “balance scale” icons to further reiterate the Mono B retail slogan (“Find Your Balance”). Hover over the icons to find out what they represent.

Key features:
Four-way Stretch Highwaist/Abs Support Moisture-Wicking Eco-Conscious/Recycled Fiber Specialty Fabric Keeps You Warm Seamless Technology Keeps You Cool

Balance scale:
Lounge/Street Low-Med High Impact

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Mono B Athleisure Blog

Blog helps with SEO, and as a new retail site, we need every help we can get.

Click here to read the “News. But Make it Fashion” blog posts on

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Mono B Athleisure: “Multi Summir” (2020)
Software: Premiere Pro, Illustrator

Video and editing by Etiquette House, Los Angeles. Animated effects by Yuska Lutfi Tuanakotta.

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Other notable mentionables:

  1. I was adamant about creating a holistic shopping experience that includes a seamless returns process and installed an app to help the team manage returns and refunds.
  2. I created the GoogleAnalytics and connected it to our website.
  3. I make sure the products are uploaded correctly with accurate product information and icons, and add the related product (“Find Its Match”).
  4. The PR company we hired to help us with publicity gave us a list of charities to work with for Black History Month, and all of them are too vague and aren’t in line with Mono B. I found a charity called GirlTrek and successfully persuaded the team to work with them instead for February 2021.

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