Plus-Size Activewear Business Is on the Rise

(Original article was published on on April 9, 2019.)

The demand for plus-size activewear (and athleisure apparel) varies from state to state, but it exists. After all, according to the latest Plunkett Research, 68% of American women wear size 14 or above. And if that’s not enough to incentivize businesses to start growing their women’s plus-size activewear collection, the 2016 sales of US women’s plus-size apparel market is USD 20.4 billion (against USD 643 billion of global womenswear market sales).

Mono B Clothing completely understands this demand. That’s why we came up with a wide range of active leggings and athleisure tops and bottoms for local and independent businesses that cater to plus-sized women.

But enough about money.

What Mono B truly wants is for everyone to have a healthy life and lifestyle, and truth be told, body size can matter when it comes to health. Extreme body fat percentage can have serious health complications, whether it’s underweight or overweight, and this also depends on a lot of factors, including your age, location, and stress level. Whatever your fitness level or fitness goal is, we have to start somewhere, and most of the time, plus-size active items are either too shoddy, too garish, or too expensive.

Mono B fills in the gaps in the affordable (and trendy) plus-sized activewear market with products that range from XL to 2XL (or 1XL to 3XL for athleisure apparel).

The plus-size activewear range comes in both Mono B core line (perfect for up to medium-high impact activities such as spin classes) and Mono B RED line (for more low impact activities such as walking). With many options to choose, from subtle and solid colors to poppy and trendy prints, plus-sized Mono B leggings are crafted using four-way stretch fabrics to ensure comfort and durability for your customers to move and exercise in.

As an independent or local business owner, you can do more by pushing your community to move more, all in a stylish and chic ensemble.